Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Coach

2017.11 About Me Pic 1 172x300 - Meet Your CoachMy Story…

After being outwardly focused most of my life, I decided several years ago that it was finally time to re-commit to taking better care of myself. I owed it to those I love and care for, as well as to myself.

I began with small progressive steps in the right direction, changing what I ate, how I ate, and how I thought about food in general. I made simple shifts in my behavior that built upon one another and produced life-changing results.

During this journey, I realized just how incredibly transformational better nutritional health can be. I lost weight as a result, but more importantly, I was indeed healthier, felt better, had more energy, and was happier.

My experience inspired me to want to help others become the best, healthiest version of themselves. So, after a 20+ year corporate career I decided to focus exclusively on becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach and building my nutrition coaching business, PACE Nutrition Coaching, LLC.

Perhaps you are a busy corporate executive with so many demands on your time you think you can’t possibly focus on YOU. Yes, you can. I understand the competing responsibilities of work, professional obligations, family, friends, etc. I’ve been there and made it work. 

Maybe you’re a dedicated parent, partner, employee, friend who prioritizes everyone and everything else before YOU. I’ve been there too and can tell you that I am better in all of these roles after becoming healthier.

Everyone has a story and you are the author of yours. How will you write the next chapter?  

I would be thrilled to speak with you about how I can help you transform your nutritional health. Please Contact Me for a complimentary 15 minute consultation. I’d love to hear your story…

Coach Michelle ~

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